Friday, July 27, 2012

Featured Artist: HippiesCreations

Hi Friends, I'd like to introduce another excellent Featured Artist from

Hippies, owned by Petra Monaco, displays an excellent selection of crocheted items and much more. Born and raised in Germany, Petra started her love of crafting at an early age. Over the years, she has explored many different types of art, from woodburning (pyrographing), and jewelry to crocheting and more. Petra, crocheter extraordinaire, offers a wide selection of personal items done in a wonderful array of colors and designs. I especially love the "creature" items:

There are too many cute animal items to show here. Then there are the baby items:

Note the darling "Sugar Skulls" in this colorful baby blanket and matching hat.

Even though her love of creating is strong, her love of family is far greater. Petra has 4 wonderful boys, all the way from a newly married Army man to a small youngster with challenges. You can read more about her journey at Through Lennon's life experiences, her youngest child, Petra chronicles, on her blog, her thoughts, emotions and prayers in a powerful, touching, series of entries.

Also an author about her early life experiences, you'll find not only an poignant story, but you'll be uplifted by her tenacity and love of life.

You can find Petra here:


  1. Great article, Charming Elegance! :-) I love the "creature" crochet items too.

  2. Very nice article. She is an amazing crochter.

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