Thursday, July 5, 2012

Collection by AussenWolfDesigns at ArtFire

Over the holiday, I had the honor of being included in a lovely collection on ArtFire. The curator, AussenWolfDesigns, put together a collection, entitled: "Are You Blue?" showcasing ArtFire artisans who designed wonderfully eclectic items, all in shades of blue. Thank you, Judy, for including one of my "blue" pieces, a Tooth Fairy Pillow.

The owner of AussenWolfDesigns,Judy Aussenhofer, describes her work: "I love designing jewelry for the alpha woman in each of us--a woman who is a leader in her pack, who is confident, loyal, often whimsical, and has an aura of mystery. " Judy's by-line makes me smile and her jewelry truly is unique...from wire wrapping
including gorgeous stones and cameos...

 enchanting crystals.

Judy's love of stones began at an early age. She has studied her craft extensively to provide excellent quality in all of her jewelry pieces.

I hope you will visit her studio at: and check out for yourself this outstanding artist.

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