Friday, July 27, 2012

Featured Artist: HippiesCreations

Hi Friends, I'd like to introduce another excellent Featured Artist from

Hippies, owned by Petra Monaco, displays an excellent selection of crocheted items and much more. Born and raised in Germany, Petra started her love of crafting at an early age. Over the years, she has explored many different types of art, from woodburning (pyrographing), and jewelry to crocheting and more. Petra, crocheter extraordinaire, offers a wide selection of personal items done in a wonderful array of colors and designs. I especially love the "creature" items:

There are too many cute animal items to show here. Then there are the baby items:

Note the darling "Sugar Skulls" in this colorful baby blanket and matching hat.

Even though her love of creating is strong, her love of family is far greater. Petra has 4 wonderful boys, all the way from a newly married Army man to a small youngster with challenges. You can read more about her journey at Through Lennon's life experiences, her youngest child, Petra chronicles, on her blog, her thoughts, emotions and prayers in a powerful, touching, series of entries.

Also an author about her early life experiences, you'll find not only an poignant story, but you'll be uplifted by her tenacity and love of life.

You can find Petra here:

Friday, July 6, 2012

Featured Artist: Maremi_Small_Art

This morning I logged-on to my website only to discover I had been included in a wonderful collection, Purple and Pink Creations, curated by Maremi_Small_Art of I feel honored to be able to show off my Purple and White Lilac Fabric Basket. Thank you, Marta. This great collection is an interesting, eclectic grouping of items created by Artfire Artisans in lovely purples and yummy pinks.

Maremi_Small_Art is a relatively new shop on run by Marta. Marta has been a creative person her whole life, but decided to follow her dreams of creating about a year ago. Growing up in Poland, Marta brings an interesting European flair to her art. She has some darling hair bands for little girls, and not so little girls, along with pins, brooches, earrings and hair clips.

Marta uses top quality ribbons of different types in her divinely crafted jewelry. Along with her shop, Maremi_Small_Art, she has developed an interesting blog, (although I confess, I can't read Polish. :-) and a tutorial for making a lovely bracelet on YouTube.

I hope you will take the time to explore Marta's charming shop. I'm sure you'll enjoy what you find.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Collection by AussenWolfDesigns at ArtFire

Over the holiday, I had the honor of being included in a lovely collection on ArtFire. The curator, AussenWolfDesigns, put together a collection, entitled: "Are You Blue?" showcasing ArtFire artisans who designed wonderfully eclectic items, all in shades of blue. Thank you, Judy, for including one of my "blue" pieces, a Tooth Fairy Pillow.

The owner of AussenWolfDesigns,Judy Aussenhofer, describes her work: "I love designing jewelry for the alpha woman in each of us--a woman who is a leader in her pack, who is confident, loyal, often whimsical, and has an aura of mystery. " Judy's by-line makes me smile and her jewelry truly is unique...from wire wrapping
including gorgeous stones and cameos...

 enchanting crystals.

Judy's love of stones began at an early age. She has studied her craft extensively to provide excellent quality in all of her jewelry pieces.

I hope you will visit her studio at: and check out for yourself this outstanding artist.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Featured Artist: MaggieMays

Happy July 4th, Everyone. My family and I have just finished a great American 4th of July hamburger feast. We watched the fire works last night and are now settling down for some relaxation.

I know most of you are still out enjoying a wonderful family holiday, so I decided to have my next blog ready for your return. My Featured Artisan this week: MaggieMays.

MaggieMays Fine Jewelry is a member of the ItsBetterHandmade Guild on Artfire. She and her husband work out of their home in Florida, designing stunning, top quality jewelry for the discerning shopper. As MaggieMay's puts it, "My whole reason for making jewelry is not only that I love to create; but knowing that a finished design will make you or your sweetheart happy owning a creation made especially for you!" You can certainly see evidence of this in her work.

Above you'll see a Ribbon Diamond Ring with 5 rows of baguettes and round cut diamonds in a channel twist that is accented by the 10k yellow gold. 45 beautiful diamonds put on quite a light display.

A gorgeous set of earrings in Zandrite. One of the things I particularly like about MaggieMaysshop is that I always learn something more about gem stones. For example, here is an interesting bit of info from MaggieMays: "Zandrite, a manmade gemstone, is a translucent gem which reflects light and has a very unique similarity to mystic topaz iridescence."

MaggieMays uses stunning, mesmerizing, precious, semi-precious gemstones, pearls, diamonds, crystals and bead jewelry in modern, elegant, sophisticated and classic designs with a touch of elegance. You'll find true Fine Jewelry castings designed using precious metals, such as, 10K gold, 14K gold, .925 sterling silver, Gold/Sterling, and Oxidized Silver.

And one of my favorites, purple, of course:

MaggieMays has such a wide selection of beautiful, well-made items, I could show you examples all day, but I'd rather you take a peek at her shop for yourself. You won't regret the time!

MaggieMays Shop:,
MaggieMays Blog: