Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Featured Artist: Jewelry in Harmony

My ArtFire Guild, It's Better Handmade, came up with an intriguing idea recently on how to promote Artists who specialize in handmade items. I decided to participate in this "Blog Ring", not realizing that I would be exposing myself to some rare and lovely Art. I call it Art, because to say that these Artisans were simply producing handmade items is to grossly understate their creative abilities.

Please join me as I explore these Artist's worlds. The Artist I would like to showcase today is Elizabeth Devigili of Jewelry_In_Harmony.

When I first took a peek at her ArtFire shop, the piece that popped up initially just took my breath away. I admit I'm a purple nut and I adore cameos.

This exquisite lavender cameo ring is "to die for", as one of my students might say. Liz uses the finest hand carved cameos in luscious colors, combined with 14K rolled Gold or Silver wire, to create her jewelry.

Also included in Liz's repertoire are lovely semi-precious stones. Her ability to shape and craft these wire sculptures is amazing.

I encourage you to visit Liz's work on-line. You'll find her over 10 years of experience at creating this beautiful jewelry is well worth your visit. You can find her at


  1. Boy do I love cameos, her work is exquisite...♥♥

  2. A wonderful article written on such a creative artist!

  3. Excellent article on this wonderful artist. I too love the cameo ring you featured at the first of your article. :-) Elizabeth does create beautiful pieces of art.